fire detection

A fire in a building uses up oxygen in the air, it also produces very toxic gases. As a result of this asphyxiation takes place (usually before victims are burnt by fire).

Without material assets – buildings, plant and stock – together with the skill of employees to use these assets, a business cannot continue to function and there is no quicker method of destroying these assets than by allowing them to burn.

The most successful type of fire alarm for commercial premises is a combined PA System/Fire Alarm, where at least two electronic tone signals can be broadcast over the speakers.

Manual “break-glass” alarm units are to be situated at Emergency Exits so as to initiate emergency warning and evacuation.  With this type of system an orderly evacuation can be made of the building floor by floor - the evacuation signal can be sounded only on the floor or section which is required to be evacuated.

An automatic fire alarm system consists of detector heads positioned in zones throughout the building that are wired to control panels; in more sophisticated systems the control panels communicate with software driven computer (PC) user interface. Audible and visible warning devices and systems can be activated by the control panels or indirectly via the user interface. The alarm system should also relay a Fire Condition to the fire brigade. Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of three characteristics of a fire – smoke, heat or flame.  No one type of detector is the most suitable for all applications and the final choice has to depend on individual circumstances; optic detectors are the most widely used.

Automatic systems require regular maintenance and adjustment, and consequently the system chosen should be one with local servicing facilities.

Where suitable, Automatic Fire Detection Systems can be linked to automatic water sprinkler or CO2 extinguishing systems (which SAFD do not install) since automatic fire detectors only detect the fire.

SAFD Systems supports BOSCH and GST fire system products.